The Egg Thief

May 19, 2013


Dougal brought an egg in the other day and dropped it at Mum’s feet.

It was ok till he dropped it, and then it cracked as it hit the floor. I think the Spaniel bit of Dougal is good at carrying eggs, but the Pug bit hasn’t got the sense to put them down gently or give into Mum’s hand. Mum thought one of the hens wasn’t laying in the nest box and Dougal had found it in the garden. Dougal got a pat on the head and a chewie for the good effort of bringing the egg to Mum.

Dad thinks he might try teaching Dougal to bring to hand and not drop the eggs.

I thought, don’t hold your breath while your training Dougal. As I said he is good-natured, but not the sharpest tool in the box.

Later Dougal brought another egg in and dropped it at Mum’s feet. Scrambled egg for tea again it looks like.

Mum and Dad searched the Garden to try to find where the eggs were being laid, but couldn’t find any. They then checked the hen’s house and found a load of eggshells near it.

Foxy is the only dog small enough to get in the Hen house door, so Mum and Dad thought, but she is frightened of the hens as they are bigger than her, so Mum and Dad were puzzled as to how the eggs were being removed from the hen house and by whom.

Dougal was trying to tell them all about it, but they didn’t understand.


Later that day we were all going out. We all got ready and got our leads and car safety harnesses on to go in the car when Dad realised Quinn was missing.

He went into the Garden and heard some scrabbling in the hen house. He lifted the lid and there was Quinn inside the hen house. The egg thief was found.

Mum still can’t see how Quinn could get through the tiny pop hole into the hen house as he is so big now.

That is Quinn for you, if there is mischief to be got into he will find a way.

Dad has put some wire mesh across to stop Quinn going near the hen house now.


I am thinking that maybe Dougal isn’t as daft as he make out sometimes.


Quinn’s Secret

May 8, 2013


Quinn has a secret. If you promise not to tell I will let you in on it.


When Quinn was a pup Mum made him a fury blanket from some really soft fur fabric with a mottled pattern on it. He really loved this blanket and would cuddle up with it and then sucked it and pummelled it with his paws.

Now that was all very well when he was a tiny puppy, but he is 18months old now and as big as me. He is still sucking and cuddling his blanket. Mum even went back to the shop and bought some more of the fu...

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Dopey Dougal

March 17, 2013

The last of my doggy mates for you to meet is Dougal. We call him Dopy Dougal as he is a bit challenged. He is really good natured and is very useful as he will play with Quinn for hours and will usually keep him out of mischief. The only problem is that Quinn is sharp as a tack and will sometimes lead Dougal into mischief without Dougal realising what Quinn is up to.

The other day Quinn got Dougal to help him tear up Dad’s newspaper which had fallen off the table. Dad will often shred bits ...

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The Gremlin

February 18, 2013

The Gremlin 

by Rollo, senior bench dog

My dad's workshop has a gremlin
Living deep within it
It hides his tools of smaller kinds
My Dad, he says, he'll skin it.

My dad he says this gremlin is
short and green and hairy
it makes him cross when it hides his things
Just like a naughty fairy

dad stamps around annoyed and cross
he mutters and he cusses
I have to make him smile again 
with lots of licks and fusses

One day I'll tell him whats the truth
It isnt green and hairy
But cheeky, naughty, not too tall
and co...

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Bala or a Stick of Rock

February 9, 2013

You may remember we went in the caravan on holiday in my story called “The box”. The place we went was called Bala. On our last day their Mum and Dad packed everything away in the caravan and fastened it to the car and we set off back off down the road on the field. We were just about to leave the field when Mum told Dad to stop as we could see something furry on the gravel near the road. Dad went back to have a look. He did some jumping about and then came back to the car and Mum grabbed...

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Darwin's Mouse

November 26, 2012

Darwin our big grey cat came in the other day making the strange yowling noise he makes when he wants you to come and see what he’s got. Dad went to see and he laid a dead mouse at Dad’s feet.  Darwin seems to think that Dad likes presents like that.

Next minute a Black and Tan blur went past and Quinn had snatched the mouse and scampered up the garden with it with Dad in hot pursuit.

Darwin was most upset that his mouse had been snatched from under his nose and went off with his tail in th...

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November 26, 2012

We sometimes go to see Mum’s Dad “Grandad” and Aunty Avril and Uncle Bill.

I know when we are going as Mum dosn’t go to work that day and Mum and Dad get up early and load all sorts of things into Dad’s car which is bigger than Mum’s car.

We get really excited and start barking and running around. Eventually we get told if we don’t shut up and calm down we will be stopping at home, so we shut up and wait. Nobody told us not to dance about though.

One of my mates who you haven’t m...

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Strange rats

September 16, 2012

Dad took me to our vets in the next village. It’s an annual event when I have what Dad calls a booster. I also get tablets for worms. I did try to tell Dad that I don’t need boosting as I have plenty of energy already, but he doesn’t seem to get the idea.

I don’t need the tablets for worms either as it is only Quinn who eats worms.

That pup is disgusting. He will eat anything if it sits still long enough. He even ate one of Mums shoes, which didn’t go down very well. Mum was looking f...

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Embarrassing Moments

August 21, 2012

Why is it Mum has a camera handy when you least want her to.

I had settled down for a good snooze with Dad when along came Nancy one of our cats. Nancy came and snuggled up to me and I was going to move. “You are not warming yourself on my tummy” I thought. Then I realised she was nice and warm and while she was getting warm against me I was getting warm against her, so I decided to let her stop.

Who’s to know I was letting a cat sleep with me. Its not very good for your street cred’ is...

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August 12, 2012

We all loaded in the car one day complete with our lead bag. Mum had got a cool box full of food, so we knew this was going to be a good day out.

We set off along the road, but then we stopped with lots of cars around us. Right behind our car was a big motor bike, very noisy it was, so I gave it a good barking at to warn it away. The man on it was laughing at me threatening him, so I gave up as he wasn’t going to back off.

Eventually we got moving again and after a while we stopped th...

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